As a lecturer of the leading engineering university of Bangladesh, I have participated in a number of nationally important projects as a consultant. Here are some of them:

Development of Interactive Digital Textbooks

A team from CSE, BUET developed Interactive Digital Textbooks for Bangladesh Madrasah Education board. The full project involves developing interactive digital textbooks (e-book), containing image, audio, video, and animation. The team also developed reader software to read the e-books for desktop, android, and iphone platforms. I wrote part of the android software and developed one e-book.

Scholarship Disbursement Using Rupali-Surecash MFS

Rupali bank Ltd. had been awarded the national responsibility to disburse scholarship to the students of pre-primary, primary, and secondary level using their mobile banking facility Rupali-Surecash system from June 2016. Considering the significance of the project, available time, scale, and available relevant infrastructure, the project was very challenging. Rupali Bank Ltd. requested a team of consultants from the Dept. of CSE, BUET to monitor and assist by guidance the implementation of the project. I was a member of the consultant team lead by Prof. Md. Mostofa Akbar.

Masters' Projects

Finding and Describing Images with Sentences PDF

Relating images with sentences for retrieval requires identifying objects within images and understanding their semantic composition, which is a very challenging task. In this study, we inspected some of the state-of-the-art methods on searching images with sentence description. 

Supervisor: Prof. Mohammed Eunus Ali

Investigating Fraudulent Behavior on Ad Networks PDF

Short Description: An investigation on the common fraudulent behaviors encountered from the view point of a member of the ad network and  the state-of-the-art techniques to tackle these issues. 

Supervisor: Assistant Prof. Anindya Iqbal

Content Based Image Retrieval Presentation

Implementation of a paper on content-based image retrieval based on local tetra patterns.

Supervisor: Associate Prof. Md. Monirul Islam

Development Projects

Ad Server

A web server that stores advertising content (i.e., image, gif, video, and html5) and delivers them onto various publishers' websites. It also calculates the impression and click statistics.

Tell Tale

A community based story writing application. The story is written incrementally by different users of the community. Available both as a web application and an Android client. Server side is designed using PHP with CodeIgniter and MySQL. 

Undergraduate Projects

Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition Projects

Implementation of Decision Tree (ID3), K-Nearest Neighbor, and Naive Bayesian Classifiers, Artificial Neural Networks, Semi-supervised Learning, Ensemble Learning (Bagging and Boosting), and K-means & Bisecting K-means Clustering etc.

Climate Portal for Bangladesh

A web application that helps researchers and general mass to visualize and analyze different aspects of climate for Bangladesh. The application presents several graphs representing different traits of climate data, regression analysis, Mann-Kendall trend test and Sen's Slope Estimator for rainfall and temperature data for the period of 1947-2009 from 37 weather stations of Bangladesh. The portal also has a section for agricultural forecast. The application is developed in PHP using CodeIgniter along with MySQL.

Map Tracking Robot

A robot that tracks a Map. The system was built with EPuck using its IR sensors and camera.

4-bit Microprocessor

A 4 bit micro-processor with a basic instruction set and an associated interpreter, based on the MIPS architecture. Its main features include single stage pipelining, micro programmed control unit and separate data and instruction RAM.

Mega-Structure Modeling : Saint Basil's Cathedral, Russia 

Designed a 3D model of Saint Basil's Cathedral, Russia using OpenGL in C++. 

Physics Simulator - A Ball Shooter Game

A 3D game using OpenGL implementing basic Physics rules according to Newton's laws of dynamics.

Weather Buddy

An android application for weather forecast. Server side is designed using PHP with CodeIgniter  and MySQL.

Automatic Door with Color Pattern Lock

An automatic door system that implements a color-pattern based dynamic password protection. The pattern system is quite like Android pattern lock, but also incorporates 3 different colors. The system was built using ATmega32 microcontroller and PIR sensor.

C Code Beautifier

A code beautifier software the formats codes written in C according to Allman style. Developed with C and iGraphics, a 2D OpenGL library. 

Remote Desktop Access

A software for remote control, desktop sharing, chatting and file transfer between computers. Written in Java using Java RMI API and socket programming over TCP/IP.

Twin Game

A board game written in Java. There is a grid where every cell contains a Bangla letter. The object of this game is to destroy all of the letters by connecting identical letters by pairs using a line. The line must not bend more than twice. It is not difficult to find the pairs, but the essence of the game is to find them as quickly as possible.