Courses Taught

Immediately after obtaining my B.Sc degree from Department of CSE, BUET on July 2014, I joined the department as a lecturer (in August 2014). I have taught a number of theory and sessional (Lab) courses. Most of the classes consist of over 120 students. A summary is given below.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence Theory: January-2016 and January-2015 Semesters
  • Artificial Intelligence Sessional: January-2016 and January-2015 Semesters
  • Machine Learning Sessional: January-2015 and July-2015 Semester (60 Students)

Programming Languages

  • Structured Programming Language (C) Sessional : January-2015 Semester
  • Assembly Language Programming: July-2016, and July-2014 Semesters

Software Development

  • Software Development Sessional: July-2017 Semester
  • Software Engineering and Information System Design Sessional : July-2016 Semester

Microcontrollers ans Hardware

  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Theory: January-2017 and July-2015 Semesters
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Sessional: July-2017, January-2017, Jan-2016, and July-2015 Semesters
  • Computer Interfacing Sessional: July-2016 Semester (~40 students)

Theory and Others

  • Theory of Computation Theory: July-2016 Semester
  • Technical Writing and Presentation: January-2015 Semester
  • Digital Electronics and Pulse Techniques: July-2014 Semester
  • Digital Electronics and Pulse Techniques Sessional: July -2014 Semester

Project Supervision

I have supervised quite a few undergraduate software and hardware projects. A summary is given here. You can also find the project videos here.